During the Wallace Collection's free project 'Portraits in Spaces: Two-day Architectural and Photography Project', students from three schools aged between 13 and 16 worked with photographer Olivia Hemingway to explore architectural and portrait photography, both at the Wallace Collection and in their schools. The students, who came from the Christ's College Finchley, Lycée Français Charles de Gaulle, New Forest Academy and The Albany School, learned how to interpret photographs, then used what they had learned to develop their own styles of photography and to fulfill the brief given to them. For some students this was an introduction to photography, for others it was an opportunity to build on existing technical and creative skills.


In the first photography session, the students were asked to photograph inside Hertford House, both inside and out, the home of the Wallace Collection, and in the second session they were asked to photograph in their own school building and grounds. They were commissioned as professional photographers and were expected to fulfill a detailed brief. The participants took interior and exterior shots, wide shots, close-ups, and from a variety of angles and viewpoints. They compared unfamiliar with familiar environments and explored their feelings about each space or building, as well as looking at pose, use of props, mood, atmosphere and narrative. They were not allowed to use flash, and had to follow rules about working in public spaces as well as working within time limits: these reflected the constraints that they might find in a professional environment. Students learned how to direct a shot as well as take it and were also involved in the editing process.

This site, portraitsinspaces.com, is the final edit.

Following on from 'Portraits In Spaces'
In addition to the photographs showcased on this website, selected pictures from this ongoing project have been used for Wallace Collection publicity, for example in the Wallace Collection's school's brochure. After completing the project some students have entered their photographs in photography competitions and all GCSE students plan to include them as part of their coursework.

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